No Notches

I watched all those family films, with the mother, father, two children, dog, and was always struck by the scene where they record the children’s growth on the wall usually on the door jam in notches and blue ballpoint pen with the age Sally 10 years Sally 12 years Matt 6 years Matt 9 years and they lived in that house for so long that they changed in it and everything inside got smaller but stayed the same and years later when the kids come back they see the wall notches and remember something and I remember when I measured my sister on the wall of our newest apartment and filled it in with pencil and mom told us to erase it because we rented and the landlord would charge us and it didn’t matter much anyway because we moved a year later and then again two years after that and so I never had notched walls.



One thought on “No Notches

  1. Hmmmmm you have a very insightful, but old spirit, inside! Wailing and turning….looking for a way out! Express yourself and let the world in, while showing what you’re made!


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